Written by: Martha Eguche

Are you scared of failing?
Are you scared of what people will say concerning your struggle?
Are you scared of taking the bold step?
Well guess what all your fears are valid, why?


images (10)

Because people will always find one thing to talk about, people have one thing or the other to say about you.If your shoes are not nice, your hair your hair is not balanced properly, if your outfit is not presentable and the list is endless. All this things are bound to get to you, even Jesus was mocked so who are you not to face worse, moving on…

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With a driven spirit you have the power to overcome the manipulative sides humans give you. Focus on your struggles because as sad as it is everyone is also focusing on their struggle regardless of them finding time to bring you down.

Do you know that while in the process of bringing you down people also find time to lift themselves up? So what are you waiting for? Rome wasn’t built in a day, everything you do might not make sense to anyone but you but as time goes by everything will fall into place. Do what you do best and the right set of people will find you.

Thank you all for your time, always remember if your dreams don’t frighten you then it’s not worth making a reality.
Till I write to you next time good bye
Yours truly


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